Come to Antigua, Stay at Las Cruces!

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febrero 6, 2020
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Come to Antigua, Stay at Las Cruces!

Las Cruces

Antigua, Guatemala is one of the best international holiday destinations in the world.The city is complete with a rich history and a blend of cultures that is apparent from the moment you arrive.If you are looking for a stylish hotel in the center of Antigua, you will not be disappointed by Las Cruces Hotel.Las Cruces Boutique Hotel resides in a colonial area building that will keep you immersed in this historical experience throughout your stay in Antigua.This hotel is complete with luxury suites that will take you back in time during your relaxing holiday vacation.While in Antigua, take advantage of the local tours anmething for everyone to enjoy – food, nature, shopping and you will feel like time has stood still since the 1800s.You will immediately observe the pre-hispanic Mayan culture blended with the Spanish colonization and it has created a new identity for the city.

If the cities rich history isn’t enough to take your breath away, the food is a must. Guatemalan food is inventive and is very nutritious if you select dishes with local fruits, veggies and meats.The traditional breakfast comes with refried beans, plantains, eggs and tortillas.Many of the main meals include some combinations of chicken, pork, cornmeal and beans:but the soups in Guatemala are a must-try and they are prevalent among the locals.Perhaps the most cherished commodity in Guatemala is coffee.The history of coffee in Guatemala has not always been pretty or prosperous, but today Guatemala is ranked tenth in the world for coffee production.There are different types of coffee in Guatemala, but Antigua was one of the first places where coffee was introduced and it is some of the best coffee in the world.

Once your appetite has been satisfied, it’s worth checking out some of the natural landscape in Antigua.There are volcano hikes in Antigua for some of the more adventurous hikers, but if you are going to hike a volcano – definitely get a tour guide.Cerro de la Cruz as also another excellent option for a hike in Antigua.Cerro de la Cruz, meaning Hill of the Cross, can be seen from the streets of Antigua.Once you arrive at the top, you will get a magnificent view of Volcan de Agua and the city of Antigua.Make sure to bring a good pair of hiking boots and a good camera.This is not an easy hike, but it’s a must-see during your stay in Antigua.

When you are ready to rest your head at night, coming back to Las Cruces hotel suite will be well deserved.The beauty of this hotel embodies and the hospitality of the staff will be well worth the money.The suites are beautiful and include artifacts from historic Antigua.Be sure to put Las Cruces at the top of your list when you are deciding where to stay in Antigua, Guatemala.

Written by Naomi Israel

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