Best Chic Hotel in Antigua Guatemala

Luxury Hotel in Guatemala – Lavish stay with Perfect Holiday
January 24, 2020
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Best Chic Hotel in Antigua Guatemala

Best Chic Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

You will know when you enter the streets of Antigua because you will be greeted by vividly colored buildings, 3 volcanoes, and the utopian cobblestone streets. This city reveals a perfect combination of romance, history, and nature to enhance your cultural experience in Guatemala. Antigua, Guatemala is a prime destination for the whole family. You will recognize many travelers from all over the world – many of them are getting married or celebrating their honeymoons; the city is filled with majestic vibes.

Antigua provides one of the most vibrant travel experiences in all of Guatemala. Upon my arrival, I was impressed by the sophisticated artwork and textiles at the Mercados de Artesanias El Carmen. The Market is fully dressed with local artisans trying to sell their extraordinary labors. I was able to befriend several artisans selling handmade souvenirs that I bought for my friends and family in the United States; one of them even showed me how to weave a scarf! The experience was exceptional because I was able to learn about the artisan’s skills: all descending from the Mayan tradition. When you are ready to rest your head at night, I recommend checking into the Las Cruces Boutique Hotel in Antigua.

The Las Cruces Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel in Antigua, Guatemala. This will be a unique resting place for your perfect Guatemalan vacation. This hotel provides a centralized location for all travelers that will take you back in time, throughout the history of the 17th century. The rooms and internal gardens are complete with ancient art and original silver fixtures. There are 11 different options for luxury suites at the Las Cruces Hotel – each room provides a unique experience for its guests. Make sure to listen for the elegant church bells sounding in the distance each morning. We used these bells as our unique alarm clocks – a wake-up call to observe the sunrise over the volcanoes. The former capital, Antigua Guatemala, is favorable for all travelers!

Article By Naomi Israel


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